Malia Fisher is the Founder and President of Defiant Strategies, a next-generation political communications and social impact strategy group. Defiant works with progressive organizations, startups, and candidates on communications, public relations, and youth engagement across a range of issues—including gun violence prevention, voting rights, political data & technology, net neutrality, DACA, and mass incarceration.

Before founding Defiant she served for eighteen months on Hillary Clinton’s campaign alongside Campaign Chair, John Podesta. What began as the first step in a lifelong dream to help elect the fist woman President ended in Wikileaks, Russian cyber-espionage, Pizzagate, and Malia's leaked email on a Killer Mike t-shirt. From the aspirational to the patently absurd, Malia experienced the 2016 election firsthand. Before joining the campaign she worked at the Center for American Progress (CAP) as a researcher and speechwriter for then CAP Chair John Podesta and CAP President Neera Tanden. She then joined the Women's Initiative team where she researched workplace family protections, equal pay, and gender equity in the workplace for women of color. While working on the Women's Initiative she helped lead the team that put together the first White House Summit on Working Families alongside colleagues at the White House and the Department of Labor. 

Malia attended Pomona College where she graduated Cum Laude in 2013. She grew up in San Diego, but she was born in Hawaii.

Expertise: Strategic Communications, Political Strategy, Millennial & Gen Z Political Strategy, Digital Engagement, Speechwriting

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